Flood Behaviour Analysis Due to Dam Break (Case study in Cengklik Dam, Center Java of Indonesia)

Lily Montarcih Limantara, Pitojo Tri Juwono
Department of Water Resources, Faculty of Engineering, University of Brawijaya, Malang, East Java of Indonesia

Analysis of flood routing due to Cengklik dam break intended to formulate empirical equation. This equation illustrated the inundation depth of flood peak and travel time of flood wave along the river to the downstream due to the dam break. Analysis of this study used Boss Dambrk Program for formulating the outflow hydrograph of dam and hydraulic flood routing along downstream of the dam. The output of program running was developed in order to produce empirical equation which presented the relations between travel time variable of flood wave (Tb) and travel time variable of flood peak (Tp) as well as the depth variable of flood peak (Hp) and distance variable towards downstream of dam. Formulation of the empirical equation was based on the linear and exponential regression model. This analysis produced an approached alternative which can easily and properly determine the travel time of flood wave (Tb), travel time of flood peak (Tp), and depth of flood peak (Hp) along the downstream river of Cengklik dam. The result is very useful for determining plan concept of emerging action or as eraly warning system.

Keywords: Boss Dambreak Program, empirical equation, linear regression model, exponential regression model

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