“COWAR” (Conservation of Water Resources): The Effort of Drought and Water Crisis Prevention

Anggun Sugiarti, Dr.Eng Donny Harisuseno,ST.MT
Graduate Student, Water Resources Engineering, Brawijaya University,

The water is still leaves the thorny issues in Indonesia. Whereas with an average rainfall reaches 2779 mm per year, Indonesia should be able to be the water- rich country. However, 66% of the rain water is actually turned into a disaster (floods and landslides). When the drought comes, the water-rich country is also lack of water. High rainfall potential should be valuable capital in water endurance and prevent drought in Indonesia. In fact only 34% of the total rain water that can be stored by the soil into the groundwater (Data Agriculture, Agricultural Statistics, 2001). The remainder becomes surface runoff water disastrous floods every rainy season. When the dry season comes, the water reserves are not depleted and bring drought disaster.
Conservation of water resources is one of water resource management aspect (water resources conservation and utilization of water resources, and control of the destructive force of water). The conservation of water resources starting from the identification of the problem, identification of alternative treatment, plan for recommended activities, and the implementation of action plans. With the “COWAR” (Conservation of Water Resources), is expected to prevent drought that hit Indonesia annually, especially in Brantas River Basin. It is an effort to manage water that can be harvested water during the rainy season (rain water plant) so we have a store of water that can be used during the dry season.

KEY WORDS: Conservation, Water Resources, Drought, Water Crisis, and Brantas River Basin


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